Best Boxing Gloves For Training and Sparring

Best Sparring Boxing GlovesYou landed in the right site if you are trying to buy the best boxing gloves to use on the heavy bag, spar, fight or to do kickboxing classes with.  We will go over various gloves that are rate high and customers actually give positive reviews about them. The gloves we will look at will vary in price and purpose.

To start things off you need to figure out what your end goal is with buying a pair of gloves.  If you are a casual user who likes to box at home hitting the heavy bag then you will want to look at our cheaper version of boxing gloves we recommend. You will also mostly be fine with a 14 ounce glove.

For those of you who are actually serious about boxing and actually fight in the ring we will cover high end gloves that you save your hands from all the pounding going on with bag work but yet will be ring ready to fight with.

So, let’s get started and cover the basic differences in the gloves and buying factors to consider when purchasing a pair gloves for sparing gloves, heavy bag gloves or fighting gloves.

Buying Factors to Buy Boxing Gloves

  1. Padding – The amount of padding is going to be crucial to those of you who will be doing heavy bag work and especially if you are big hitter.  You really want to make sure the glove you buy has adequate padding to save your knuckles and wrists.
  2. Wrist Support –  Some of the gloves come with extra wrist support with a velcro wrap that is built into the glove. If you are not wrapping your hands, this actually becomes really important. So makes sure you are buying a glove that fits snug and supports your wrist. Note: No glove will protect you from a hit that is not straight on. If you hit the bag with your fits angled and not straight of course you will hurt your wrist. It drives me nuts when people complain that the glove sucks and they are not even hitting the bag right. 🙂 Just a pet peeve of mine.
  3. Weight – So, this becomes very important when you are buying a glove for hitting the heavy bag or for sparring. The lighter the glove weight the more impact you are going to feel hitting a bag.  For sparring most gyms will require 16 oz gloves. So, keep that in consideration when boxing your next pair of gloves.

What are the Top Brand Names ?

I wanted to drop a few names here so you had a starting point on what are the main boxing glove manufactures on the market that people trust and buy from. So, here is a quick list that you can refer too:

  1. Cleto Reyes – which are Mexican made for people wanting power in their punches and are for professional fighters.
  2. Grant – these were made famous by Money Mayweather punch his way to a famous boxing status.
  3. Ringside – great gloves and quality with a reasonable price.
  4. Winning – these are expensive and made for those that are serious about boxing as a hobby or competing.

Here Are The Best Boxing Gloves To Buy

Winning Boxing Gloves

winning training boxing glove

Winning boxing gloves are among the most expensive, but you get what you pay for. They are durable and feature comfortable padding. Manufactured in Japan, Winning boxing gloves are widely regarded as the best gloves on the market for hand protection.

Winning Gloves Main Features:

  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Superior hand protection
  • Comfortable padding
  • Expensive gloves

The first indication that you are looking at the best boxing gloves is the stitching. Winning boxing gloves feature high-quality stitching and craftsmanship. When you spend money on high-end gloves, they should be able to withstand regular abuse. Winning gloves will hold up to daily training or sparring.

You also get superior hand protection. The comfortable padding offers great shock dissipation, so your hands will not be sore after a training session.

The only disadvantage to these gloves is the cost. You pay a top price for a top product. So, if you are a beginner and cost is an issue, you may want to wait until you have the money to spare.

For those that are ready to spend money on the best boxing gloves, Winning training boxing gloves are your top option. If you take a quick look at customer reviews, you will find an overwhelmingly positive response.

Amateur boxers and weekend athletes have regularly commented on how these gloves can last 5 years or more with regular use. The durability and stitching of Winning training gloves are unmatched.

Along with quality, customers also enjoy the padding. As mentioned, one of the reasons these are the best boxing gloves is the foam padding. You get more protection for your hands. So, when you are throwing thousands of punches a day, you can save yourself a lot of pain.

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Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

buy Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Venum Elite boxing gloves are another great option when searching for the best boxing gloves. They are made from 100% Skintext leather and include triple density foam for quality padding and absorption. A well-rounded glove, Venum Elite boxing gloves are recommended for everyone from beginners to pros.

Explore some of the top feature and advantages:

  • Reinforced palm increases shock dissipation
  • Mesh panel helps with breathability
  • Long lacing for improved stability and a tight fit

The reinforced palm and 100% full attached thumb provide protection and help with shock dissipation. You get maximum absorption, keeping your hands safe when hitting the bag or sparring.

There is a mesh panel underneath the palm so that the gloves breath and you don’t sweat a ton. This is a great feature, as it keeps your gloves from getting that musty smell.

One of the most common customer comments is the long cuff and lacing. With a longer cuff, you get increased stability. This not only helps you tighten the gloves for a perfect fit, you also protect your wrists. Along with stability, customers enjoyed the breathability of the gloves.

A quality option for hitting the heavy bag or sparring, Venum Elite boxing gloves are one of the best “value for your money” boxing gloves. They are affordable, durable, and comfortable. The best boxing gloves for this price range, you can use Venum Elite gloves for just about any purpose. Though, they are best suited for bag work, mitt work, and fitness classes.

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RDX Cow Boxing Gloves

RDXGloves Review

RDX cow boxing gloves are made out of real cow hide leather. With real leather and quality stitching, you know that your gloves can take a beating. Thanks to the IMT three-layer padding, your hands can save your hands from receiving a similar beating.

Along with great padding and high-quality leather, you should check out the pros and cons of the RDX cowhide best boxing gloves:

  • 100% authentic full grain cowhide leather
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Affordable gloves
  • Features shell-shock gel-infused padding
  • Moisture wicking nylon mesh
  • Liner and printing may not last for years

The reinforced stitching and cowhide leather ensure your RDX boxing gloves will offer several years of solid use. It is hard to find a quality pair of leather gloves within the same price range as the RDX best boxing gloves.

While the leather and stitching is a nice feature, the padding is another wonderful advantage to RDX gloves. They use shell-shock gel-infused tetra-padding around the knuckles, for improved shock absorption.

Breathability is also great with the best boxing gloves from RDX. The moisture wicking nylon mesh palm helps keep away sweat and moisture, so your hands remain dry and your gloves remain odorless.

Examining customer comments, you can see plenty of praise for the padding and the breathability of the gloves. The only complaint is that the lining and the printing on the gloves will fade and may wear with repeated use.

Obviously, no gloves will last forever, so this is not a major drawback. As mentioned, the reinforced stitching and leather exterior will hold up. So, even if the printing starts to wear, you can continue using these gloves regularly.

Overall, RDX gloves are one of the best boxing gloves due to their superior padding and the breathability provided by the mesh panels. The gel padding helps lessen the impact when doing bag work. So, these are the type of gloves you would want for kickboxing classes or beginner boxers.

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Title Gel World Bag Gloves

Title Gel World Bag Gloves are, as the name suggests, intended for bag work and training. The main draw for these gloves is the new gel enforced lining. This gives you a little more hand protection and power over the existing multi-layered foam padding.

In addition to this added protection, you should examine other features of the Title Gel World Bag gloves:

  • All leather gloves
  • Gel enforced lining
  • An adjustable wrist strap and a secure D-ring
  • You need to break these gloves in

Title Gel World best boxing gloves have an all-leather cover, which is great for bag work. Repeatedly hitting the bag can quickly wear out inferior materials.

The Title Gel World Bag Gloves also feature an adjustable wrist strap, so that you can always get a tight fit around your wrist. This increases stability and comfort. For added security, the glove is fitted with a D-ring and a hook-and-loop closer.

Customers really seem to respond to the gel enforced lining used in the Title Gel World Bag gloves. As mentioned, this provides more hand protection over foam padding. This lining is also highly breathable. The interior remains cool and dry, for added comfort.

There are no major disadvantages to the Title Gel World Bag Gloves. Though, some customers have mentioned that the gloves require some extra work to break them in. Keep in mind, you usually have to break in a pair of gloves a little before they get the comfortable feel. But, some people find the Title gloves to be slightly stiffer at first.

In the end, you still get a great value with Title Gel World Bag Gloves. If you want comfort and a tight fit, these a great choice and definitely one of the best boxing gloves.

Twins Special Boxing Gloves

Twins Special boxing gloves are a good mixed-use set of gloves. They are low-priced and intended for a variety of sports, including Muay Thai, kickboxing, Thai boxing, MMA, and even UFC training.

Look over the following features to find out why Twins Special are among the best boxing gloves:

  • Some varieties are among the lowest priced gloves
  • Extra padding for hand protection
  • Velcro wrist wrap
  • Leather cover
  • Flexible padding and exterior

Depending on the color option and size of the gloves that you choose, you the Twins Special boxing gloves are among the lowest-priced gloves that you should consider getting. Despite the low cost, they will offer exactly what you want from a pair of sparring gloves – including the flexible padding.

The Velcro wrist wrap makes it easy to secure the gloves on your own and still get a tight fit. The strap is also extremely durable and obviously a high-quality detail. The Velcro reaches nearly the entire length of the cuff, so you can get a snug fit around your wrists.

Customers that have tried and used the Twins Special boxing gloves have discussed the comfort of the interior. The inside is soft, comfortable, and allows your hands to breath.

The padding is dense, which helps with shock absorption. But, even though it is dense, it is still relatively flexible. This is the reason these gloves are so versatile – and also helps when putting on and securing your second glove.

You will be hard-pressed to find any complaints about the Twins Special best boxing gloves. They are a quality choice at an affordable price. The flexible, yet dense, padding makes them a great fit for a variety of sports.

Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Training Gloves

The last set of best boxing gloves to introduce are the gloves that professionals use! Cleto Reyes extra padding training gloves are made specifically for sparring. They have added padding by the knuckles and the long Velcro wrap. Examine some of the other features of the Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Training Gloves:

  • Added padding near the knuckles
  • Comfortable interior hand area
  • Velcro wrap is made out of leather
  • Holes located near the knuckles provide extra ventilation
  • You will need to break these gloves in

The added padding near the knuckles really does create a more comfortable fit. Not only does it cushion your hands, there is enough softness to the liner to keep your hands comfortable. This interior is also perfectly rounded, adding to the comfort level of wearing these best boxing gloves for sparring.

The large Velcro wrist wrap is made out of leather and wraps all the way around your wrist. This gives you a very secure fit and wrist support, which is great when sparring.

The holes that are located near the knuckles gives the gloves extra ventilation. Breathability is also a major factor when shopping for the best boxing gloves and the Cleto Reyes gloves do not disappoint. The ventilation is incredibly beneficial and one of the most discussed benefits of these gloves.

When you first put these gloves on, they may be a little stiff, which is to be expected. While customers love the stability, support, and comfort of these gloves, they do mention that you will need to use them a few times in order to break them in.

Along with the Cleto Reyes extra padding training gloves, you should also take a look at the Cleto Reyes Official Safetech and Cleto Reyes traditional best boxing gloves.

Made in Mexico and featuring top-rated craftsmanship, Cleto Reyes gloves are without a doubt, the best boxing gloves for sparring and training. If you want durable gloves for bag work, go with Venum Elite or Title Gel. But, if you want top-notch sparring gloves at a decent price, you should go with Cleto Reyes extra padding training gloves.